General Water Care (Chlorine)

General Water Care (Chlorine)

Let's start with the initial chlorination of your pool:

The first chlorination always takes place with chlorine granules (a distinction is made here between organic and inorganic chlorine granules). For example, in a rectangular pool with the dimensions 500 x 200 x 120cm, an amount of approx. 60g organic chlorine granulate is required for the initial chlorination.

It is advisable to dissolve the granules in a bucket of water beforehand and then pour them into the water. This prevents any damage caused by the sharp granules on the pool floor or the like.

As soon as the bucket of water with the added chlorine granulate has been added to the pool, the filter pump should be set to "Circulate" mode for about 12 hours. This mixes the water properly with the granulate.

Then you can continue with the setting of the filter cycle, there are different options here. Please note the operating instructions for your filter system.

Then test the pH value, it should be in the range 7.0 - 7.4. If the pH value is not yet in the correct range, you can balance it with pH plus or pH minus. IMPORTANT: This compensation should be carried out over several days, as the products need some time to mix with the water!

After each addition of care products, or pH plus or pH minus, the filter mode should be switched back to circulation for a few hours.

More water care tips:
Basically, with correct water care, you should always pay attention to the correct pH value and the appropriate setting of the filter system.

TIP: Here is a rule of thumb! The water in the pool should be turned twice a day.

Example :
Pool = 20,000L capacity
Filter pump = 5000L circulation capacity
20,000: 5000 = 4h

This means that the filter pump needs approx. 4 hours to turn the water. The filter system should therefore be switched on for about 8 hours a day in order to enable optimal cleaning of the water.

If all of the above tips are followed, nothing can stand in the way of having fun!