Payment Methods

Cash in Advance for Customers from Austria

Cash in Advance for Customers from Austria

This form of payment allows you to easily transfer the payment to our bank account. Once the payment reaches our account, the order will be processed. 

An order confirmation email is sent to the email address provided once an order is successfully completed. The email contains our banking details. Please ensure that the order number is entered in the "Reason for Payment" field, which helps us link the payment to your order. As soon as the payment clears, the order will be processed. Generally, transfers take between 2 and 5 days to reach our account. 

Please use the following bank details for your transfer: 

Account information for Austria:
Account holder:niceshops GmbH
IBAN:AT85 3800 0001 0082 0035
Bank Name:Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG
Bank Address:Raiffeisen-Platz 1, 8074 Raaba-Grambach

Bank Transaction Information 
SEPA transactions allow you to make a domestic bank transfer. The buyer and seller are each liable for bank charges incurred in their country. 

Orders placed in a country that is not part of the European Union may be charged additional bank fees. 

Credit Card

You have the option of settling the payment by credit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners ClubWhen using a credit card to settle a payment, the total order amount is immediately deducted from the credit card once the order is completed. This occurs irrespective of the products' availability. 

Credit card details are not saved by our system and are transmitted in encrypted format. The transaction is encrypted via SSL. SSL is the highest security standard available, ensuring a safe and secure shopping experience. More information about this topic can be found here.

3DS Code

3-D Secure is a system that provides additional security when it comes to online purchases, preventing the unauthorised use of your credit card. 

Our system uses Verified by Visa and the MasterCard SecureCode. 

Once the credit card details have been entered into our system at checkout, a new window will appear requesting you enter your security code. The security code is authorised at the bank where the credit card is initially registered. The 3DS code is provided by the bank when you first receive the credit card. If the code is lost, it is advised that you contact your bank. The initial code can be modified at any time. 

If you have not registered this feature it must first be activated. This can be done during the checkout process. Alternatively, the feature can be activated on the Visa or MasterCard websites. 

Once the feature is set, the security code is used for all online transactions. More and more online shops are opting for this feature in the interest of their customers. 

More detailed information can be found on the following websites: 

MasterCard SecureCode:

Verified by Visa:

Are Credit Card Details Saved In Our System?

Credit cards can be saved in your account. However, this does not mean that we save any credit card data. Credit card data is encrypted and forwarded to the provider i.e. your bank. The provider i.e. your bank then provides us with a code that is linked to your account. This code is saved in our system. 

Furthermore, the credit card is linked to the address provided. This means that the credit card is not verified again when orders are to be shipped to the provided address initially linked to the credit card. 

Should you opt to have an order shipped to a different address you will be prompted to verify the credit card details again, otherwise, orders shipped to a different address will not be possible. 


When the Paypal payment method is selected, you are directed to the Paypal website after the order is completed. There you are prompted to enter your Paypal particulars and confirm the payment. 

Within minutes, the payment is transferred to our account and the order is cleared for processing. 

Payments are deducted from the Paypal account immediately, irrespective of the availability of products at the time the order is placed. Be sure to check the estimated date of delivery displayed on the "My Basket" page before placing an order. 

Additional fees may be incurred when selecting Paypal as a form of payment. These fees are settled by our company. You, as a customer, do not bear these additional charges. 

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery entails handing the outstanding cash payment over to the courier who is delivering the package. Please be sure to have the full payment at hand when the delivery takes place. Cash on delivery payments can be made for amounts ranging between € 0,00 and € 500,00.

Cash on Delivery Fees:

Cash on Delivery cost (in addition to regular delivery costs) + € 5,90

The payment collected at delivery is then transferred to our account.

Klarna (Billpay)

Klarna (Billpay)

Selecting Klarna as a form of payment allows you to settle the outstanding payment after receiving the goods. The invoice contains both the account details and payment reference which is sent by Klarna via email. The payment is to be settled via Klarna using the information visible on the invoice. Alternatively, the invoice can be downloaded on the Klarna website or App.

Please note: When using Klarna Billpay, the outstanding invoice amount must be settled via our partner, Klarna.

Please DO NOT transfer the outstanding sum to niceshops GmbH. The payment details are sent to you directly from Klarna.

The following information is required in order to settle the Klarna payment:

  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Note: The Klarna payment expiry date is not dependent on our 30-day Return Policy.

Klarna Slice It

The flexible option allows you to settle your payment in monthly installments. Select between flexible and fixed installments.

The The Klarna installment payment option is only available for orders above € 250,00.

Further information can be found here.

Klarna Payment Status

We have no access into any Klarna claims that are open on your account, as this information is subject to data protection.

You will receive the invoice with details of the payment date directly from Klarna via email. You can always contact Klarna directly or log in to the Klarna App and manage your payments there.

"Billpay" Payment Status

We have no access into any Klarna claims that are open on your account, as this information is subject to data protection.

You will receive the invoice with details of the payment date directly from Klarna via email. You can always contact Billpay directly or log in to the Klarna App and manage your payments there.