Inflatable Whirlpools: Important Tips for Selection, Care and Heating

Inflatable Whirlpools: Important Tips for Selection, Care and Heating

Inflatable whirlpools: top features and differences!

All pools have a filter pump and a heater. An air bubble system is also practically standard. But there are important differences you need to know about.

Filter pump

The filter systems are usually integrated in the control box and cannot be easily replaced. They work with filter cartridges and usually come in two strengths. One is close to 1,000 litres per hour and the other is around 1,700 litres per hour. Stronger filter pumps are always more effective.

Wall and inflation hardness

Although all inflatable whirlpools have sturdy walls some feel more secure than others. The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe models or better are particularly high quality. The Simple Spa models can't be inflated quite as firmly and therefore the walls don't seem quite as stable - even if, in fact, they are. But of course, how you feel when in the pool is as important as its technical specifications - and more high-quality models are a better choice here.

Size, water volume, shape, and colour

It's important to think about which design would best suit your garden in terms of appearance - but an even more essential aspect is size. Not so much because of the space required, but because of the costs involved in heating and maintaining it. Inflatable whirlpools that do not hold too much water are easier and quicker to heat than larger pools. This makes it much cheaper to achieve warm water. So think carefully about whether it really always has to be the largest model.

Inflatable whirlpools with Wi-FI and apps

Many models offer the option of connecting to your Wi-Fi. Direct contact with your smartphone via Bluetooth is also often possible, letting you control the whirlpool from anywhere. You can also set the water temperature remotely, a very practical feature.

Jet nozzles

The slightly more expensive models come with jet nozzles. These do not make air bubbles - they offer a powerful massage feature. One example is the Intex Whirlpool Pure-Spa Bubble & Jet: This model has four jets that work with 250 watts each - powerful water jets that provide an effective massage.

Saltwater disinfection

Superior models often have integrated saltwater systems. The advantage here is that disinfection is much gentler compared to conventional chlorine systems.

How to heat your inflatable whirlpool with maximum effectiveness

These measures make heating your whirlpool quicker and cheaper:

  • Use thick pool mats as a base. 1 or 1.2 cm is ideal. This has the advantage of ensuring that the pool is not in direct contact with the ground, reducing heat loss.
  • The use of additional energy-saving covers also significantly reduces heat loss. You can insulate both the sides and the top. Of course, this does involve additional costs but frequent use makes the investment more than worth it.
  • Avoid heating your pool if it is not covered.

Inflatable whirlpools and water maintenance

Good water care is particularly important for pools operated with warm water - this is an environment that microorganisms love. Here are a few tips on how to avoid unnecessary problems:

Filter running time

Let your filter pump run for a long time if the water temperature exceeds 28°C. 6-8 hours is a good length. On days when your inflatable whirlpool is used, we advise running your filter pump for 12-18 hours. The warmer and dirtier the pool, the longer the running time should be.

Condition of the filter

If too much dirt accumulates in your filter, it can become a breeding ground for microorganisms. Clean your filter cartridge regularly and replace it completely every 10-20 days, depending on the amount of use.

Keep the water moving

Another reason for long filter running times: Microorganisms don't like moving water and multiply much more slowly when water is in motion. And making life difficult for microorganisms makes water maintenance much easier.

Take the pH value seriously

Unfortunately, beginners in particular often do not take the pH value seriously enough. This is a big mistake. Because, if the pH value is not right (we recommend a range between 7.0-7.4), then skin irritation, odours, and lime sediment can become an issue. If the pH value is too low, the water can become corrosive. If it is too high, disinfectant is far less effective - at a pH value of 8.3, chlorine works with an effectiveness of just 20%!

Use a pool vacuum cleaner for your inflatable whirlpool

Over time, particles sink to the bottom, where they can no longer be reached by your filter pump. Eventually, your pool will start to look visibly dirty - and contaminants often create a breeding ground for microorganisms. Remove as many particles as possible with a pool vacuum. The Intex Underwater Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with a microfilter and does an excellent job!

Further guides

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