Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm Replacement Pool

Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm Replacement Pool

Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm: The advantages

Create your own individual set-up

Unlike many other pools, this above-ground pool comes without accessories (aside from the connections for a filter pump and the safety ladder). This means you can add exactly the products you want or integrate the pool into an existing set-up.

Stable, durable, and good value!

This above-ground pool has a tubular steel skeleton - making it both durable and reasonably priced. The steel tubes make the Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm very stable and, unlike with a ring pool, you don't need to worry about birds or cats. Despite this it is still much cheaper than a steel wall pool, although the pool liner has a thickness of 0.41 to 0.58 mm, meaning that it can easily compete with the liners that come with many steel wall pools.

The Intex Frame Pool 366 x 122 cm is easy to heat

Many pool owners are not fully satisfied until the pool water is pleasantly warm. This pool is not too big and has a water capacity of 10,685 litres, making the pool easier to heat. A good solution is to combine a solar tarpaulin and a solar collector for swimming pools with at least 2.5m² of collector area - this is a great way to significantly increase the temperature of the water in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. Another option is to use a pool heating pump. But don't forget that the amount of water is still equivalent to about three full-grown elephants - this requires a good amount of energy.

Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm: putting it up

You don't need any tools to set up the pool and it is pretty easy to assemble even on your own. If you've had a good bit of practice, it takes about 15 minutes and if you have never built a pool like this before it should still only take around 45 minutes. If there are two of you it will take even less time. Don't forget: the ladder also needs to be put together, which takes an additional 10-30 minutes.

Practical tip: a wrinkle-free pool looks better and stays cleaner

Take your time when putting in the pool liner of the Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm. Get into the pool and eliminate any wrinkles. Some will not go away immediately. A good tip here is to fill about 3-7 cm of water into the pool and then try again. If you work carefully and there are still wrinkles left, the water pressure is highly likely to get rid of the rest when the pool has been completely filled. A wrinkle-free pool always looks better - plus, there will be fewer areas for dirt to accumulate and if you use a pool robot it won't get stuck in the wrinkles.

The pool ladder: For more safety

The Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm comes with a matching Intex safety ladder. The rungs can be removed, helping to keep children out of danger. An added bonus is that the ladder has a central seating platform at the top.

Product features of the Intex Rondo Frame Pool 366x122 cm

Dimensions and compatibility

The total diameter is approximately 366 cm. Since the steel tubes take up a little space, the net diameter of the water surface is approximately 354-356 cm. The pool is 122 cm high and the water can be filled to about 110 cm. Inlets and outlets are provided with 32 mm connections, so you can connect many different cartridge filter systems or sand filter systems. Our favourite is the Steinbach Speed Clean Classic 310 Sand Filter System, which features a large boiler with a powerful pump without noise or power consumption going through the roof.

Scope of delivery of the Intex Frame Pool 366x122 cm

Included in the delivery are:

  • Complete frame including feet
  • Pool liner
  • Drain valve
  • Connections for a filter system
  • Matching Intex safety ladder

How to keep your pool for longer

When we say longevity, we mean it. If you take good care of your Intex Frame Pool 366x122 you can use it for many years

  • Make sure the pool liner is at least 10°C when setting up and taking it down. 15°C would be even better. This is because pool liners can suffer damage at very low temperatures when being folded (or unfolded). At 5°C, for example, damage is almost certain. A good tip is to put the pool liner in a warm room before setting up.
  • Check the beams for scratches every now and then. The powder coating is there to prevent rust. If the steel shows through, there is a risk of rust damage. If the paint has come off badly, react immediately and apply paint yourself (possibly also zinc spray) to prevent rusting.

Further advice

Pools.Shop has lots of great practical guides on how to get the most out of your pool set-up