A suitable pool for every garden

A suitable pool for every garden

When the days get longer and the nice weather drives the temperatures up, the longing for your own pool increases. This is the unfulfilled dream of many people. Realising this dream is easier than many think.

There are distinct advantages to having a private pool. For example, you are no longer bound by opening times. Whenever you feel like it, you can jump into the cool water. Overcrowded changing rooms or the struggle for your personal space in the swimming pool are history. Your own pool can also be a place of meditation, where you can switch off, relax and recover from everyday stress.

Many people would like to have their own pool. However, most of them do not realise this wish because they believe that they are expensive luxury objects. But this idea is outdated. Pools are now cheaper to buy and maintenance is much easier than in the past. In addition, a large number of different types are now available: there are small and large pools, round and angular, removable or permanently installed, there are normal pools, whirlpools, etc. This guarantees that there is something suitable for every taste.

Easy Set Pools, as the name suggests, are easily accessible bathing opportunities for your own garden. The pool consists of an extra-strong super-tough pool liner with triple-coated walls. Thanks to the inflation ring, it is particularly stable. The assembly is very easy and the pool is ready to be filled in just 10 minutes.

Frame pools have a solid metal frame. This ensures stability. It doesn't take long to set up, as you can start filling in less than 60 minutes. Depending on the model, the walls are made of a triple-coated film or reinforced super-tough material. These top-quality complete pools offer bathing fun for the whole family.

Steel wall pools are considered to be particularly durable and stable thanks to their galvanised, robust and coated jackets. Thanks to the strong steel wall and the winter-proof inner film, the pool does not have to be dismantled in winter. Depending on the model, these pools can also be sunk into the ground.

The category of Styrofoam Formwork Stone Pools is characterised by innovative material and high quality. The formwork blocks are light and stable. Since they are made of styrofoam, adjustments to your own wishes are easy to make during planning, such as wall bushings for the installation of counter-current systems, pool lighting, etc. With a little manual skill you can get an affordable pool that already offers a high standard.

Our whirlpools offer you relaxation at the push of a button. Thanks to their fibre-tech construction, the pool is very resilient and at the same time low weight. When empty, it can be easily carried to the right place using the carrying handles. The integrated heating system automatically adjusts to the temperature you have set, so that you and up to three other people can enjoy a stress-free spa experience in your own garden.

Our pools offer you not only excellent quality and a great price-performance ratio, but also more quality of life and relaxation in your own garden. Relax after a hard day's work or in your free time and enjoy your water fun with your family and good friends.