Longingly Awaited: We're planning the first pool party of the year!

Longingly Awaited: We're planning the first pool party of the year!

Spring day after spring day, the children roam around the still empty swimming pool: “Mum, when will the water finally be in the pool again? Will it be warm enough soon for us to swim? When can we invite our friends to the first pool party of the year...?" And then, finally, it reaches that pivotal moment: Water on, we're planning the first pool party of the year!

Almost everywhere you have to officially inform the responsible authority when you want to fill your pool and have the process approved: With 20 cubic metres of water upwards, this represents a significant burden on the water supply - especially if several pool owners turn on the tap at the same time! Suddenly the pressure in the water network drops rapidly and the drinking water supply is at risk (or the system “believes” that a water pipe has burst).

In some places, the fire brigade will come with a tank full of water and refills the pool for a fee. The advantage? The process takes much less time than filling the swimming pool with the garden hose! By the way, simply drawing the water for the pool from a hydrant is not only considered bold, but it is also a criminal offence.

How cool is it to have the pool full again! Unfortunately, at the beginning, that statement is to be understood literally - man, that's cold! But with speed solar systems and night tarpaulins, that changes step by step towards a bearable water temperature. At least for a short cooling off, it will soon be enough, as the swimming thermometer shows.

Youngsters will most certainly have observed all of this happening and are already very excited: The weather report for the next weekend is being studied, the friends are being instructed what to bring ... The parents decide at short notice to grill small delicacies at the first pool party of the year - after all, due to temperature reasons, they were scheduled for noon (for a pool party in the evening, it's still a little early in the year, quiver-shiver).

And then the first child dares to jump into the still very cool water. Immediately you have the scent of summer, water and pool in your nose - mixed with the spicy scent from the grill, that makes you really happy! Huge towels are ready, immediately enveloping everything that rises out of the water and strives for the sausages ... Summer, you're finally back! And thank goodness you're - like the first pool party of the year - far from over!