The Top 5 Pool Care Products by Intex

The Top 5 Pool Care Products by Intex

The Best Intex Pool Products: Context

Please note that the following applies to all the items described. They are not suitable for use in every setup and using them correctly is extremely important. For example, a vacuum cleaner designed for small pools cannot and will not have the same benefits for a very large pool. Each Intex product also includes an explanation of which setup to use it in for maximum effect as well as recommendations for alternatives.

Number 1: Intex Krystal Clear 6 m³ Sand Filter System with salt water system

This combination system is an excellent choice for a variety of pool setups. This sand filter offers filtration and disinfection in one device. The Intex sand filter system Krystal Clear 6 m³ with salt water system has many useful properties that will help keep your pool water crystal clear. Here is a list of the advantages:

  • Saltwater disinfection is much easier to tolerate and gentler than regular chlorination
  • Manual synchronising of when to turn on the sand filter and saltwater system is not necessary
  • It achieves an impressive filtration rate of 6m³ net per hour with a pump output of just 250 W
  • Thanks to the relatively low 250 W power consumption (300 W with electrolysis included), the noise emitted and maintenance costs remain limited
  • Suitable for fine sand or filter glass with a grain size of 0.4-0.8 mm
  • Very large container in relation to the pump performance - thus giving the best filtration results
  • The large container allows the use of two different granulations letting you can use an efficient multi-layer filter
  • Flocculants work very well thanks to the wide container and a pump performance that is not too high
  • Built-in pre-filter with viewing window

Please note:

No other Intex sand filter system combines as many advantages as this product! But note that if you have an Intex pool with 32 mm connections, then you will need two Intex adapters A for connection and that such a configuration would cost 10-15% flow capacity. However, since this will result in even slower flow rates in the container, the filtration quality will not suffer as a result and will actually improve. In-ground pools, on the other hand, are more problematic - here you will need a self-priming sand filter system. In the case of above-ground pools with a water volume significantly more than 30m³, more power would definitely be recommended. The Intex sand filter system Krystal Clear 8 m³ with salt water system would be more appropriate here.

Number 2: Intex Cordless Pool Vacuum

The Intex underwater handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for inflatable whirlpools or pools with a floor area of up to 12m² if you're looking for a manual cleaning device. It has several advantages:

  • No installation required. Just dive in, switch on and start cleaning. The ideal device for a quick clean as required
  • As compared to other pool vacuums, it does not cause any turbulence (if used correctly)
  • In addition to a coarse filter, it also has a very fine micro which captures even the finest particles and hardly lets anything through
  • Extendable telescopic rod included
  • Very good cleaning quality

Correct usage is key!

This handheld vacuum is effective only if it s used correctly. Unfortunately, some pool owners use this vacuum cleaner partially or completely incorrectly. Here are a few tips:

  • If using a micro filter, it must be inserted inside the coarse, black bag (otherwise the suction power will drop to zero)
  • This is an underwater device and will only start working once submerged in water!
  • Do not move the cordless vacuum cleaner too quickly - this is how you can avoid sending up whirls of dirt and achieve very good results.
  • Use the narrow attachment without a brush - the cleaning results will be significantly better than in any other configuration

However, this Intex device is not suitable for automated cleaning or pools with a floor area of more than 18m². We have some pool robots in our range that are much better suited for such pools. One of the best products for larger pools is the Steinbach Twin swimming pool cleaner.

Number 3: Intex solar pool covers

It would be hard to find a more attractive pool accessory than a solar cover because there are so many advantages. A solar cover:

  • Raises the water temperature by 1.5-3°C over several days
  • Raises the water temperature by 2.5-5°C when used with pool heating
  • Extends the pool use season
  • Keeps dirt out of the pool
  • Has a thermal insulation effect
  • Reduces evaporation

When is an Intex solar cover the right choice?

Our range includes solar covers from various brands. Intex solar covers are entry-level models. They are a good choice if you are looking for a perfectly fitting solar cover for your pool at a reasonable price. Intex models are quite transparent which is an advantage when it comes to heating your pool water. Darker models are less effective at heating the pool but are more effective at limiting algae growth and are better at reducing chlorine loss through exposure to UV rays. If the heating effect is more important to you, then choosing an Intex solar cover is a good idea. Steinbach solar covers, on the other hand, are thicker, more durable and a little less translucent. The price is a lot higher too.

Number 4: Intex 638G Cartridge Filter System with 2.7m³ net per hour

This choice may come as a surprise to some. But in the right context, this cartridge filter system by Intex can be the right choice - not every pool owner can or wants to spend a lot of money on purchase and maintenance.

Low noise level, low power consumption - but good performance for small and medium-sized pools!

The noise emitted by filters can often be a problem. A sand filter system can therefore be a bad choice if you or even your neighbour is sensitive to noise. Electricity prices have also gone up significantly in recent years. In contrast to many sand filters that consume 200, 350 or even 550 W, the Eco 638G cartridge Filter System by Intex at just 90 W consumes very little electricity. Your wallet and the environment will benefit greatly from this!

You can expect excellent results with the right setup!

Cartridge filters are generally said to have a poor filtration performance. But that's too simplistic. Some manufacturers supply cartridge filters that are too small for the task when sold as part of a set. But rest assured, if the relationship between performance and pool volume is right, you can keep your pool water clean with a cartridge filter. You will achieve excellent results in swimming pools with a water volume of up to about 10.5m³. 12m³ may also work, but no more. A closer look:

  • Very strong for a cartridge filter
  • Very low noise
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Not expensive at all
  • Can also operate surface skimmers or some manual pool vacuums very well

Number 5: Intex Deluxe Cleaning Set

This set includes several useful cleaning tools:

  • A sturdy, telescoping rod
  • Net attachment
  • Pool vacuum (operated by filter system) with two attachments
  • Pool brush

All parts are very durable and of high quality. The best feature is the integrated pool vacuum. This achieves very good results with the Intex 638G cartridge filter pump (discussed previously) - when used with the narrow attachment. With stronger pumps, you can also use the large attachment.

What makes this vacuum cleaner so special

This vacuum cleaner achieves extremely good cleaning results when used correctly. While the cordless vacuum cleaner discussed earlier can be used for smaller pools up to 12m², this vacuum cleaner can also be used for larger pools as well. However, a filter pump with a net output of 4.5m³/h would be highly recommended for pools over 12m³, so that the large attachment can be used more effectively. This pool vacuum also gives excellent cleaning results without causing turbulence if used correctly. If you don't want to spend too much money or a powerful pool robot is beyond your budget, then the Intex Deluxe Cleaning Set with its excellent vacuum cleaner is a great option.


As you can see, this cleaning set is primarily about the pool vacuum included in the set. It offers excellent performance for little money, the disadvantage being that it has to be assembled before each use and then taken apart again afterwards. Also note that the connecting hose must be completely vented before use. If the hose contains a significant amount of air, the suction power will be adversely affected. Thus using it requires more effort than a pool robot or the cordless vacuum cleaner discussed earlier. Nevertheless, the Deluxe Cleaning Set by Intex is a very good choice in many cases. For pools with a floor area of less than 8m², however, we would recommend the cordless vacuum cleaner.

The best Intex pool care products in short:

By now you've probably realised that there is no perfect product that is suitable for use in every situation. When making our selection, we specified certain pool setups in which these products offer the most advantages. When choosing a product, you should take into account whether a product is really suitable for your individual pool setup. You should also put user reviews in context: Can you be sure that a user with a negative review has used the product correctly? Was the product used in a suitable setup or not? With the guides in our magazine, we hope to help you expand your knowledge about pools and pool care in a practical way that is easy to understand. Please take a look ;-)