Winterisation - Autumn is definitely coming!

Winterisation - Autumn is definitely coming!

First of all, you should adjust the pH of the water again (7.0 - 7.4). ATTENTION: Do not perform shock chlorination! With a covered pool, UV radiation does not get through & the water is much colder, so the chlorine in the water breaks down much more slowly. The consequences would be bleaching and damage to the film!

After successfully adjusting the pH value, a winter care product can be added. Winter care products have the property of reducing the formation of algae and of limescale and dirt. As a result, there is less effort for cleaning when wintering. ATTENTION: Winter care products are not antifreeze!

Now is the time to drain the pool water. Lower the water level to approx. 5cm below the inlet and outlet nozzles, which you then close with a winter stubble. The draining of the water can be done either with your filter pump, a submersible pump or traditionally with a hose.

Then clean the pool walls thoroughly. This will prevent the dirt from settling too much on the walls over the cold months. If you have a pool robot, it can also be used again before wintering.

To avoid frost damage to the foil, etc., you should put ice pressure pads in the water. As an alternative to the ice pressure pads, you can simply fill some canisters halfway with sand and throw them into the water.

After you've completed all of these steps with a clear conscience, it's time to attach the winter tarpaulin. You can find suitable tarpaulins in our shop or, if necessary, in the hardware store! It should be stable and solid material. The tarpaulin must be well attached and attached to withstand any gusts of wind in autumn/winter.

Your pool is now winterproof and ready for frosty temperatures. Now bring all of your technical components to safety (filter system, pump, hoses, etc.). Make sure that all components are free of water and dirt and move them to a winterproof place.

Finished? Then winter can come!