Winterisation - It's Summertime!

Winterisation - It's Summertime!

The days are finally getting longer again, the temperatures are rising, so it's time to bring your pool out of hibernation. Usually, this happens between the end of March and the end of April.

The winterisation of your pool is, in principle, not magic - as long as you have done everything right! In this article, we will be happy to explain what you need to consider when wintering.

  • First of all, the entire winter cover is removed (tarpaulin, wooden slats, brackets, etc.).
  • Then you can start connecting all the hoses and technical components, such as the filter pump (please check all parts for porous areas beforehand).
  • If all connections are made, check whether the water is in good condition and clean the pool floor and side walls if necessary.
  • Now you can start to top up the water level. It is best to move the water a little after filling (works with your filter pump, just set the directional valve to backwash for 3-5 minutes).
  • Now make sure that the water is properly maintained. Check the pH and adjust it if necessary. For information on chlorination and general water care, see our other article general water care!

You see? It only takes a little time & the right care products to bring your pool out of hibernation.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support!