Filter Systems - Which one is Right for my Pool?

Basically, we have very good product descriptions in our shop for all of our products, including our filter systems. Sometimes, however, this description alone is not enough, so we would like to go into more detail in this article.

Whether you choose a sand filter system, a cartridge filter system or a mixture of both is up to you.

The filter system should ideally always be selected based on the circulation capacity. The circulation rate describes the rotation of the water including resistance (e.g. filter sand). For comparison, the pump output is usually higher because it is calculated without resistance.

ALSO: It is best to always focus on circulation capacity!

The pool water should be rotated twice a day for optimal cleaning. This is best done at night to filter out the impurities from an exciting day in the water. In this case, contamination can be residues of sun cream or, for example, dirt that was on the feet.

There is a rule of thumb that can be used for all pools.

Pool - 20,000L capacity
Filter pump 5000L circulation capacity
20,000: 5000 = 4h

This means that the filter pump needs approx. 4 hours to turn the water. The filter system should therefore be switched on for about 8 hours a day in order to enable optimal cleaning of the water.